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About Cegelec Refueling Systems           

Cegelec Corporation is the US operation of Cegelec Refueling Systems which has been delivering professional engineering services and systems to federal government and commercial organizations for over 30 years. Founded as a part of the former AEG Industry Division, Refueling Systems supplied its first systems in the mid 1970ís, and together with strategic partners, designed and developed the Type III Hydrant System which is now being used for all major refueling systems worldwide.

In 1982, Daimler Benz acquired AEG. With new investment, Refueling Systems continued to develop its technology and expertise and in 1993, the US Air Force awarded the company the contract to design, develop, supply and install the first truly Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) Systems at Bases in Europe.  

In 1995, after restructuring, Refueling Systems became part of Cegelec within the Alcatel Group. The company continued to provide services to the US Air Force and NATO partners, and strategically expanded operations with the award of the contract to supply ATG Systems to Bases throughout the Pacific Rim


In 1998 Refueling Systems became part of the renamed ALSTOM Group and then in 2001, following a management buy out, became part of the Cegelec Group. By this time Refueling Systems expanded its capabilities to include mechanical engineering design and development.

 Cegelec has extensive experience in the automation of all types of refueling systems, in the areas of general engineering and military equipment. Cegelec has designed, installed and automated more than 200 refueling and associated systems world wide and is the premier company for refueling automation systems and services. 

Cegelec provides consulting, design, delivery, program management and comprehensive after sales services in Tank Farm Automation, Hydrant and Truck Loading Refueling Systems, Tank Truck Off-loading Facilities and Leak Detection.

 These systems include a combination of pump and valve control, automated level measurement, pressure and flow control, power conditioning and frequency conversion, annunciation systems, motorized and quick closing valve systems, tightness control and emergency control systems and automated accounting systems

 After Sales Maintenance and Service covers all refueling and associated systems including system optimization, annual underground pipeline testing, preventative maintenance and inspection, and emergency on-call corrective maintenance.

For further project experience and references please contact Cegelec directly at: (412) 264-6784.